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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Start by registering on the website and it'll walk you through a 10 minute setup process. As part of the setup you'll be downloading the Sign In-Out app on your mobile device. Email us to know more.

I registered through the app, how do I login on the website?

Your login credentials across all Kinderlime apps and website are the same. Using these credentials, you'll be able to see the child and family information you entered.

What are the advantages of using the website?

The website is an easy way for you to add rooms, teachers, child roster and family information. Through the website you can look at Sign In-Out and Attendance reports for the month. BILLING families and collecting online payments is also done through the website. You can also send Newsletters to the families through the website

Do my parents need an iPhone to view pictures that I send them?

No, parents don't need an iPhone. Parents receive all communication from you through emails and text messages. They can always login to the website to view pictures you have sent them and communicate with teachers.

We are an Afterschool provider, can we use Kinderlime?

Yes, Kinderlime can very effectively be used by Afterschool, Preschool, Family Daycares, Childcare Center and Camps.

I am a provider based outside the US. Can I use Kinderlime apps?

Yes, Kinderlime apps work outside the US. We have customers in Australia, Canada, UK and even Uganda. You can still share photos with parents and send emails and text alerts.

I have a feature request. What should I do ?

Please email us to get in touch with us. Please describe your needs and we'll be happy to get in touch with you.

I need help with entering child and family information ?

We can import your excel spreadsheets with child and family information to get you started quickly. You should register and see how quickly you can enter the details for your enrolled children

Do you have any apps for Android ?

Yes we do. The Sign In-Out for Childcare and After School app is also available both on iOS and Android

I am a parent and want my kids preschool to use Kinderlime. What should I do ?

Contact the preschool owner and tell them about Kinderlime. Or email their details to us by leaving your information and we'll get in touch with them.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to

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